ProMedicum Dental Fogászati Központ

PRO Medicum fogászati központ • Cím: 8200 Veszprém, Nárcisz utca 2. • • Telefon/Fax: (00-36) 88/444-644 • Mobil: (00-36) 30/9463-145


Welcome to ProMedicum Dental surgery in Hungary.

Our purpose is to distinguish ourselves as a surgery that provides comprehensive dentistry of the highest quality.

Our patients are treated with dignity and understanding. In doing this every member of my team feels valued and respected.

Take advantage of our 20 years work experience.

Dr. Horváth Tibor

owner / head dentist

If you are thinking of a dental trip to Hungary and want all your questions to be answered about it please let us help you.

  • You can send us your treatment plan given by your local dentist, and we will send you a cost offer for the very same treatment.
  • Should you have an up-to-date panoramic X-ray, please send it to us and you can have our treatment plan and cost offer in 24 hours.
  • If you just need more information about our dentistry and services do not hesitate to contact us via Skype.
  • Take advantage of our free telephone service. If you send us your phone number, our English speaking colleague will call you in 24 hours.

Special Offers

 Have a look at our special offers in winter

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